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Each day I wish I had invented waterproof sticky notes (for shower inspiration) or pen-friendly diapers to get down all my quirky thoughts that I am sure are relevant and publishable. And so God (actually another writer-mommy) sent me The Blog.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Hey, it's Friday night, isn't every girl starting a blog?

Well, here we go. I'm starting my first foray into blogging with a bang--literally. While the kids are asleep upstairs, D. and I are in the basement each working on our computers (how new millenium) and there was a big bang. Not "a" big bang as in we are having s-e-x, but a bang like a gunshot? fireworks? As we're in the heart of upstate NY suburbia, I'm pretty sure it's not a gunshot, but hey, we do have an accused ax murderer in our midst, so who knows. After all my attempts at good mommy-dom: homemade pancakes, fresh fruit with each meal, clean socks for God's sake, it wouldn't look good if the kids were kidnapped while I was working on a clever piece of writing that no-one may ever read. But, here I go, I'm off. Expect more cleverness to come!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Jill! Congrats on your baby girl! Send me an email on all the pertinet info like, name, when she was born etc.
I am off to a week-long poetry conference by Centrum- it's their Port Townsend Writer's Conference, in Washington state, that has been going on once a year for 30 years. I am not in a closed workshop that one has to submit your work for ahead of time- I was too late to do that,and frankly that sounds kind of snobbish to me too. (I'm the inclusive type...)There will be men there also...hmmmm...they better behave. All my groups have been only females allowed since the Thursday Night group.
I'm also working on getting 25 local poets published in an anthology type book- what a headache! I will tell you more, much later...Love, Louie

12:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And this is how you started...witty and clearly showing the way you'd move on. I like your style. Consider yourself well and truly blogrolled!

5:28 PM  

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