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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Acting Class

OK. So, tonight we will again try to watch Fun With Dick and Jane. In the mean time, please enjoy this little piece of wisdom from a woman in the 7-year stretch. That is as opposed to the seven-year itch.

Acting Class

Some moments, hugging the husband
she would think,
What are my lines?
Over his shoulder
she would see the bruised
pear, the bunch of browning
bananas he bought
just last night
and think,
Of course!
The script is in the desk

Moments like these
deep in the scent
of Tide
and day old deodorant
she could almost remember
where the desk was.

After all, it’s just a set:
fake wood, fake
house, no front door.
Was there ever even a door?
How do they get out of here?
Stay in the hug, she would think.
Is there a knife in this scene?

Moments like these, lost
in the footlights,
it’s good to have an understudy.


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