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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Hooray! Hooray! It's Karate Party Day!

So, my little man is almost 5! Today is the big karate party. 3 1/2 hours and counting...

Looking through pictures, trying to make a collage, trying to find shots to use in a scavenger hunt, I feel that little tug at my heart. Oh, yes, this is definitely a mommy blog post today. Posted by Picasa

Here is a poem inspired by my son and our shared love of running around in the backyard under the moon and stars.

This Is What You See By Starlight

A gracious moon, neatly illuminating whole galaxies,
little suburbs even, spreading before you.

By starlight you can see space mothers tucking
tired space babies into bed, pulling

rain-washed, softly worn clouds
up under alien chins.

If you listen by starlight, stand quiet
in your backyard, you will hear a symphony

played on Saturn's rings, maybe a cool
salsa beat out upon the core of Venus and Mars.

If you reach between the stars, part them
with your hands like invisible curtains and peer inside,

you will see families, maybe one just like your own,
fluctuating in the motion of everyday life.

Their starlight is your living room lamp,
their backyard is your rooftop, their music

the hum of your one, continuous long breath.
To this space family, your children seem to be tucked

in by a worn blue sky. Your lives are as distant,
as untouchable, as a single branch on a fallen down tree.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can't believe he's 5. I sat shocked before my computer, and then I realized that my #2 is close to his age and will be 5 in January. wow! it seems so big.

i love the concept of seeing ourselves as a counterpart to spacemen. is there a story behind how your guy inspired this particular take on tucking him in?

this might be something fun for the child in your novel to imagine as he's getting toted about the country, trying to find his place as much as his mom is. maybe he wonders about what's out there. of course, i think he'd have to be older than a toddler to make that work . . .

10:50 AM  

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