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Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Sad Poem to Match the Weather: Poetry Gong #14

Some of Us Are Lucky Enough to Fly

I thought of birds and
their luck, how they rise…
- Karen Chase

When you said I was sad
I didn’t speak. The voice
I had been using all these years
had flown
out of the room.

Behind the feathers
I was a bird.
You didn’t see
because you were speaking
setting down in syllables
that which I know
that which I see
that which has eluded
me all along.

The sad girl is flying
now, winged, not free
enough to build a nest
but catching enough air
to call out.


I could write more, but really, I hate sad poems. Maybe after the gong, I will revisit this. Think more about birds, becoming a bird, flying like a bird, dreaming of flying, growing feathers, replacing my heavy bones with tiny, hollow bones, choosing what kind of bird I want to be, researching what type of birds do not mate for life.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is definitely worth revisiting. "the voice i had been using all these year had flown out of the room." wow!

FYI -- i'm at risk of missing poem #14. aaahh! i'll have to start all over.....

10:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

look at me, getting all excited about your poem and forgetting to be polite:

i'm sorry you're sad. :(

10:38 PM  

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