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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Poet in motion

Sexy, but domestic. Jillypoet with a hand saw. Jillypoet finding the perfect Christmas tree and feeling the raw edges of the rusty saw cut through the first sappy fibers. That is how I described poetry in my last post. And that, dear readers, is how I spent my Saturday. Traipsing through the woods for hours looking for a good Christmas tree. Feeling the guilt pile up on my gray wool shoulders as we passed by tree after tree, declaring each not right. Who tells a tree it's "not right"? And then, the joy. Pure poetry. After two hours in the cold cold sunshine, we found it! And I finally got to use the saw! Sexy, but domestic!

Sexy, but domestic. Barbara Walters is droning on in the background. I'm just too lazy to turn the TV off, but as she droned about Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt, this phrase caught my ear. Sexy, but domestic. Don't we all, us moms of the millenium, dream of this? When we wake in the morning, we rub the sleep and the cheerios from our eyes, glance in the mirror, and measure ourselves on the sexy/domestic scale.

Today, a bad hair day, I was off the charts domestic. On the sexy scale, not so great. I almost finished the inside Christmas decorations. The tupperware boxes have their marching orders...basement. It was one of those days when each blessed moment came with a caveat--when will this bliss end? Kid 1 & kid 2 ate double helpings of a dinner I made from scratch. A small voice whispers, "Full bellies, but yes, the other fork will fall..." Kid 1 shared cinnamon toast crunch with little kid 2. "They're angels in footy pajamas tonight, but what will they be wearing tomorrow?" I fully expect things to go back to normal tomorrow.

Until then, and until I crank out a new poem, here are some words from Epicurious. I've never watched the show, but one day when I was cruising through the channels, I caught the beginning of the show with all these words! I DVR'd it until I got the chance to copy them down. Here they are...

egg roll
ice cream
Indian pudding
Irish soda bread
coffee cake
Uzes sauce
red fish
rum cake
rice wine
ile flottante
imam bayildi
icebox cookie
oyster mushroom
onion rings
upside-down cake
ugli fruit
star anise
shoofly pie
sticky rice

Oh man! I could write a poem a day with these words and never finish writing! The comfort foods resonated with me the most. Right off the top of my head...shoofly pie, sherbet, upside down cake, icebox cookie, icing, utensils. OK, OK. I will write a poem tonight! Stay tuned...


Blogger deirdre said...

Oh, good, now we have sexy and domestic Angelina to set a new standard for us. Boo. Sorry, I just had to get that out of my system.

I haven't cut a Christmas tree is several years - the sense of celebration is not the same with a store-bought tree. I bet your kids loved the adventure.

Isn't it amazing how inspiration comes to us in ordinary ways? How kind of the t.v. to give you a whole list of prompts.

12:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i've also been having trouble posting comments, like you mentioned to me in your email. in fact, blogger just ate a comment i tried to put here.

the essence was: please post a picture of the decorated tree, too.


thanks for all the delicious words.

9:30 AM  
Blogger G said...

OK. Several things. First I laughed at your list of words, mostly at your noticing them and tracking them down with such enthusiasm. That is adorable, and thank you for all of them. I look forward to your poem! Wait - no, first I noticed that we have the same glasses. Also adorable. Then I got upset that Wa Wa implied that the words "sexy" and "domestic" are mutually exclusive, by saying Angelina is one "but" the other, too, as in: imagine that! When men are domestic, isn't that sexy? Why doesn't it just work that way for women? Huh?!

I need some Fritos.

3:23 PM  
Anonymous sage said...

your blog is lovely; it drew me here by your name, jillypoet, one of my granddaughters is named Jilly...I shall return. Stop by my place if you get a minute and read the ramblings of a long time around woman. Thanks,

write on,

4:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pretty impressive to come up with a poem with all those words. It's so . . . SEXY and DOMESTIC at the same time. Wow. :)

1:46 AM  
Blogger Cmommy said...

My 11 yr-old son loves to find hidden words!! Wait 'til I show him your list :-)

12:04 AM  

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