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Sunday, April 27, 2008

NaPoWriMo #27

You Can’t Have Everything, Where Would You Put It?

Well, I would put the bouncing squirrel
in my hallway where he has room to hop.
I will also bring in the fluorescent green moss
and November’s shriveled leaves
so he feels right at home.
I will put the standing dead wood
bent at odd angles like Degas’ dancers
in my living room.
I will have to cut a hole in my ceiling
so the pretty things can reach for Jesus
all day and night
joyous in their grotesque gyrations.
Of course I will have to wrap
their brittle trunks in tin foil
to keep the cats from climbing
up and out
into the free world.
The cats have been here forever.
I put them under my feet,
each step a fur-lined treat.
As for the sky
and the stars
the moon
and the sun
the fallen tulip petals,
the broken glass in the shape of a heart
the turtle half crushed
the man crying by the side of the road
because he almost killed a turtle,
these things will have to wait
until I break down the walls
of my house
so we can all live together.



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