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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Year of the Goldfinch

Some notes, gold and gleaming, on a poem I must write about the goldfinch. Pretty sure the universe is sending me very clear gold and black winged messages about goldfinches.

  • Every year I have a bird. Previously it was cedar waxwings everywhere I looked. For two or three years it was cardinals all year long. This year it has been the goldfinch.

  • Aside from the oriole, truly the most breathtaking northeast bird.

  • The bird I most want to see is the goldfinch, and this year it is. Flying in front of the car, coming to our feeder, at Fort Ticonderoga in the bushes, Cape Cod, on nature walks wherever we go.

  • Today I was sitting on the couch bemoaning the fact (in my mind...no room to bemoan while the kids are wrestling all over the floor...who would listen?) that I had nothing to write about and what do writers write about anyway and where do otherpoets, especially moms, get their ideas, or for that matter, the time, to write? Mental whine, whine, whine, when all of a sudden I turned my head to the huge(finger printed) picture window and there is a goldfinch, right on the feeder. Hello, he seemed to be saying. Inspiration right here!

  • Still feeling sorry for myself, dragging my feet getting the kids ready for the pool (augh!), I went to get a drink and there at the sink is a small little goldfinch statue. My husband's 94-year-old grandmother is giving things away and he brought this home, along with a glass collage of many birds. However, and I'm sure this is important, I was too mad at him that particular Saturday to even look at the treasures he brought me. So, today, 5 days later, I, a fairly observant girl, finally notice the goldfinch figurine. I have stood at that sink 20 times or more since Saturday.

  • What is the goldfinch trying to tell me?

  • Speaking as the goldfinch, if I may, "Dude. Lighten up. Eat some birdfood. Fly. Fly a little more. Lay some eggs in a nest. Chirp a little. Wear your feathers sunshine yellow. Show up when you're least expected. Implore a nice person with your eyes to please, please, keep the feeder filled. Pay a sad soul a surprise visit.

  • Lessons learned from a bird.

  • Why this year the goldfinch?

  • Study goldfinches.

  • Find out latin name.

  • Take some pictures!

  • Write the poem!

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Blogger polka dot witch said...

so glad you did this. since i'm being a priss and protecting my poems by password i'd thought about posting some of my notes on works in process ... since the blog is part of my process ... i'm glad to see it works. i'll be copying you. isn't there a bird metaphor there? parrot?

of course it's important, the why you took so long to notice the figurine ... don't leave that out! maybe find out about the gold finch mating stuff? some birds mate with the same mate for life ... either that or they slut around, but it'd be important to know that. maybe. i think.

11:51 PM  

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