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Friday, January 11, 2008

Friday 5

Over at Poefusion, there is a wonderful challenge to liven up your Fridays: Friday 5. If you are a word lover, this is for you. The current words are: vellum, moss, reminisce, distorted, fiction. I'm not sure if they are current, in fact, I think they may be last Friday's words, and there may even be NEW WORDS today. Check it out!

Here is my poem. It is a first draft. So glad to have my muse back!

Head West, Young Wife

So accustomed to being at odds,
the lines between fiction and non
blur when we have been apart only hours.
No need to reminisce.
I am still mad from last hour,
last night, last year,
calendars' worth of days torn off,
crumpled. Whether I rise from this desk,
roll over in bed,
stomp down the empty hall,
you shimmer in my mind's eye
a faint, ugly hologram.
In the lone wedding photo
on the white, white wall you hang
distorted, on my arm
you are no more than a motheaten black shadow,
a tired magician
no cape, no hat, no rabbit.
I stumble on the children's Magic-8 Ball.
Yes, it says, All signs point to yes.
War will rage on.
Daily, I ignore your open smile,
your ready lips,
much as a confident hiker
disregards the moss,
its clear direction.
I know north from south.
Anyway, what good is green
growing on all sides of a tree.
Such abundance is useless,
useless as the thick vellum
of our marriage license.
There is no one driving this car.
It is a wreck,
this much I know,
and I am heading west.


Blogger Michelle Johnson said...

Wonderful post for this Friday 5. I felt there was an inner struggle going on here. Loved the image of stepping on the 8 Ball. Doesn't it always say Yes? I think you certainly hit on what everyone thinks about sometimes which is going somewhere else. Ultimately, we are grounded in our everyday life. Thanks for sharing. And, Welcome to Poefusion's Friday 5. I hope you will stop by again. Have a nice weekend.

1:33 PM  
Blogger PDW said...

i'm so glad your muse is back, too. i love the turmoil in this piece -- turmoil in the everyday.

(speaking of turmoil -- seen my muse anywhere around? i can't find her. is she's off flirting somewhere and getting herself in trouble again?)


4:32 PM  
Blogger Mariacristina said...

Hey, great poem! you used the words as your own. I too could sense the tension between you and the tired magician.

10:30 PM  
Blogger susan said...

Hi jilly, like this because of the cadence and consistency of your images. I used this week's 5, can't match this, thank Maude it's not a competition. Come by bes. Sit a spell. I enjoy your company. By the way, I'm way past 30 and it's lovely, too.

7:52 PM  
Blogger ...deb said...

Loads of complex images to rivet the reader. Daily examples I can attest to. Wonderful in its completeness. Travel? Yes!

My absolute favorite line? "Such abundance is useless"...holy crap.

9:17 PM  

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