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Each day I wish I had invented waterproof sticky notes (for shower inspiration) or pen-friendly diapers to get down all my quirky thoughts that I am sure are relevant and publishable. And so God (actually another writer-mommy) sent me The Blog.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Fire Alone Can Not Burn: a marriage

will spontaneously combust
similar to the lone man on a mattress
discovered in ashes one bright afternoon, after eating
(apparently) leftovers packed by the skinny waitress

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

thank god i'm not the only one sneaking out into the ice shanties. (did i just say that out loud?) i'm kidding. of course.

i really like how this one is from a masculine point of view. that's new for you, right?

and i love the irony of him looking at the waitresses breasts while lamenting his wife's infidelities. nice. human. real.


(miss you.)

4:04 PM  
Blogger Joyce Ellen Davis said...

I still *heart* all your poetry~may you continue to find each ingredient at your fingertips!

2:53 PM  
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High, girl!
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