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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Poetry Gong - Poem 28

What Are You Afraid Of?

Socks with no mates
Belts that uncoil like snakes
Hats with strands of hair hanging inside
Underwear on the sidewalk
Wet sidewalks on otherwise dry days
Days that end before the sun goes down
Going down dark stairs
Staring for too long--
making a deal with your eyes for them to move
Moving too fast
Moving too slow
Never moving
Treading water in a bed of milfoil
Losing your socks in bed
Socks with no mates, rising up
walking down the aisle

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i like how the lines lead one to the next ... and i love that one about making a deal with your eyes to move. i've done that so often in moments of fear, promising myself i'd look away or stop obsessing about the tiniest noses. :)

11:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Every poem you write makes me remember your voice, your words are home to me.

8:09 PM  

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