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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

ahem... confession tuesday

Well, she's my best pal. She's my writing partner, my partner in anti-bad-hair crime...I guess it's time I tried her little experiment in, gasp!, confession. In honor of polkadot witch's confession tuesday, I hereby confess (hey, I was raised Methodist, I know nothing about confessing!):

1. I promised my son two hours ago that I would help him with his Valentines. I've been blogging, emailing, doing the dishes and eating cheese sticks. I did, however, make him a peanut butter and fluff sandwich, and enter his name on his Nintendo.

2. I carry guilt around like a knock-off handbag. Daily. Don't play with my kids enough. Don't kiss my husband enough. Spend too much money on books and my hair. House is messy. I ignore my cats (all seven). I think if I could get rid of the guilt, I might actually feel a little more successful.

3. Some days I dream up ingenious ways of getting in contact with my first love. You know, that might make a good poem...

4. I have recently decided I am a comfirmed hypochondriac. Or someone in the hypochondriac family. Whenever I hear about stomach bugs, my stomach hurts. Right now, I am checking my self for signs and symptoms that the enemy may indeed be inside. I live in fear of the stomach bug. I often imagine sitting on a therapist's couch and spilling my guts about this (ha ha, guts). I would like a cure. I have thought about hypnotism.

5. In the vein of the "mystical arts," I go to a non-denominational church on a semi-regular basis. They are pretty close to evangelical. They do not believe in tarot, Halloween, hypnotism, anti-depressants, psychics, etc... There is a new psychic shop that just opened up next door to my favorite coffee shop. I have considered going in for a free aura reading, but feel...GUILTY. But I just know my aura needs cleansing. I'm pretty sure it's dingy grey or brown.

6. I feel like God might smote me for just admitting I believe in psychics and auras.

7. Some days I am psychic.

8. I have never been psychotic.

Well, that's enough confession for me!

Dude! I just realized it's Wednesday. That is very funny. Maybe I should add..

Confession 9. I am getting flakier and flakier as the days go by.


Blogger PDW said...

you win the prize this week for creative confessions! and there were some brave ones in there, too.

and you must admit, yes, there are some poems to be written based on these confessions.

told ya so! :)

12:52 PM  
Blogger January said...

First of all, thank you for using the word "smote."

I feel as if I ignore my family to blog and do other things. Sometimes it's a necessary evil to maintain the writer's life.

My son love peanut butter and Fluff sandwiches, too. (Did you know that Fluff was created and manufactured in Lynn, MA? That's a few towns over from where I live.)

Hey, anyone can confess on Tuesdays. But Wednesday confessions? That's taking confessions to a whole 'nother level!

6:00 AM  

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