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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Santa's Secret Sale

It wasn’t supposed to go beyond the first iceberg.
It was a secret whispered in a snowball,
tossed around the workshop
until it melted in the wrong hands.

Refusing to be used—the doormat
principle. Who among us hasn’t balked
at being the heavy, the shark, the bad guy.
Distill it down like vein-warming whiskey:

the key to life is kindness. Kindness
is Santa’s bag. Dolls in frilly dresses,
princess vanities (all is vanity—the giver, the taker).
gleaming bicycles, footballs fat from the calf.

In ancient times, kind was the word
used to describe food. Dear, your meat
is most kind this evening—a compliment
to the sacrificial lamb and it's butcher.

Porcupines, prickly beasts, are not loveable.
Give up your prickly ways, we tell our children
as daylight fades a little more each day,
until we are in darkness, dumb to their deeds.

Santa can not take it one day more. Good
is not an option. The North Pole is up
for sale. Parents, prepare your naughty
chairs, hang your stockings over your eyes.

The bidding starts at midnight.


Many thanks to the subject of a toysale email for this poem. Does it make sense? I played with words, with the notion of kindness. Probably not one I would share with my kids.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

what a great concept ... the workshop up for sale!

it brings out the possibility either for you to write a part 2 or for someone to write a response which begins:

who would want to acquire such a place?

and perhaps an alternate response poem which begins:

i was the highest bidder ...

fun fun fun

9:34 PM  
Anonymous Nathan said...

Yes, a great concept. I especially love the snowball in the first stanza and "dumb down their deeds." There's a lot of truth in this poem.

7:58 AM  
Anonymous Canvas prints guy said...

An incredibly creative take :)

8:40 AM  

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